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Many people continue to ask me about my years of breeding and showing Arabian horses. I've decided to go through some of my collection of photos and share some photos of the fun and  joy I had showing & breeding. My deepest thanks to wonderful mentors  Michael Byatt, Robert Cass, Cathy Thomas, and David & Kathy Teitrick who allowed me to reach my goals in dressage, halter and driving. My life has had it's ups and downs like most of you but I was one of the truely blessed ones, to have had a glimse of God's grace, by sharing my life for so many years with the Egyptian Arabians. Sharing my life with these exquisite Arabians has helped me become the Professional Photographer and Great Dane Breeder that I've always dreamed of being!


We have lost a great treasure in Patrick Swayze. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Egyptian Event in the 80's. I was cleaning my stall, just minding my own business and through the slats a man in the adjoining stall began talking to me. I walked to the back of the stall and there was Patrick Swayze - cleaning his own stall! He was joking about needing to clean the stall to get away from the mobs of reporters. We chatted about dogs and horses and that was my first meeting of Patrick Swayze. Through the years to come he and his beautiful wife, Lisa, just blended in at the Egyptian Events. He seemed embarrassed when people would fuss over him too much and we all really did try to allow him to do what he wanted to do, which was "just show his horses". He just seemed to be one of us so I rarely even thought about taking pictures of him. However, one year I invited my cousin and her kids to the Event and when they saw him, they FREAKED OUT! They were so excited to see him! So I snapped some pictures then.

He was a wonderfully talented man but what I remember most about him was his care and devotion to Lisa and his admiration of his horses.

My deepest sympathies to his wife Lisa and family... Wendy